Good Daddy’s are Hard to Find

Believe it or not, I was rebelliously rambunctious growing up.  Every time my vehemently stubborn daughter displays her nasty side, my dad reminds me that she is giving me a little taste of how I was when I was her age.  He lovingly refers to her as “Joshua Adyson”.  I never truly understood how blessed I was to grow up in the home that I was raised in.  I took it for granted until I was into my college years and then it was gone.  As I grow older and have kids of my own, I often reflect back on how my parents handled many situations.  I find great wisdom as a father by mimicking the choices of my parents.  I find myself acting out many of the roles that my Dad played in my life.  He always took time in his week to spend with just me and my brother.  He always put our wants and needs ahead of his own.  We were not spoiled, but we were not lacking in most of what we wanted.  He showed us how to love your wife and respect your momma!  He was a great example of what a Daddy should be.  I have heard it said that any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy.  My Dad is someone special.  To this day he is still my biggest supporter and greatest coach.  He calls often, challenges me to be better, and always encourages me.  It is my desire that as my kids grow up that they will know the same kind of love that my Dad has for me.  Even though I put him through the ringer in my youth, he stuck with me and saw the treasure on the inside.  He never gave up hope and always pointed me in the right direction.  He has now taken on the role of “Grandaddy Bud” (or “Garannaby Booood” as Ady would say) and is spoiling my kids rotten then sending them home!  He has earned that right.  Thanks to my father for showing me what it means to be a Daddy.  Happy Daddy’s Day!

    • tracy
    • June 19th, 2008

    you do have a great dad!!!! i have been blessed to always have him and the rest of your family in my life… let God give you the direction, but never forget the example your dad showed in church and out of church… wishes and may God give you all you need….
    your older brother,

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