My Face is melting…

It has been so hot in Greensboro recently!  I do not like hot weather because I don’t like to sweat.  These last few days have been miserable for me, especially in my daily commutes.  The first day the temperature went above 90 I realized something very important.  The AC in my truck was only blowing hot air.  Up to that point I was content to ride with the windows down and could stay cool.  The problem was that I had no freon in the unit, therefore I was getting no cold air and very sweaty on my leather seats.   I drove for several days in the miserable heat until I was reminded of a very useful fact: I had a freon kit at my house.  Everything I needed to end the anguish was at my disposal.  All I had to do was put it in, or “charge” the system.  Saturday morning I spent about 20 minutes putting it in and now I drive in comfort.

Here comes the spiritual relevance.  I spend most of my days trying to make it on my own and often times just make due with what I have.  Here lately I have been in a funk, just making it through every day.  I have been spiritually empty.  The solution was right in front of me, but I chose to mope around and assume it was just going to be that way.  When we get empty we are no good.  Not only are we affected, but everyone around us feels the effects of our misery.  I must spend time everyday allowing God to fill me up.  He has promised to provide everything I need to enjoy everyday, but I have to put in the effort to receive it.  Not even Starbucks double shot offers the charge that my time in God’s word can bring.  

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