Just Remind Me

If I don’t put it on the calendar, I just might forget!  That is just how I am sometimes.  If you know the Gallup Strength finders, my top 5 are: Communication, WOO, Positivity, Activator, Strategic.  That does not make me very responsible or disciplined.  Combined with a well matured case of A.D.H.D I am a hyper active mess somedays.  I stay busy and am distracted very easily.  For that reason I need reminders all the time.  My wife loves to leave sticky notes for me in the morning.  “Don’t forget the kids lunch”, “Take the Check”, “Put on your Pants”, and other simple stuff like that.  I get sidetracked doing other stuff that becomes more important in the moment.  I would forget Ady if Micah wasn’t there to remind me!

In this journey of church planting I get distracted and loose focus on occasion.  It is very easy to be discouraged and frustrated when you are starting from scratch.  For that reason, God is constantly sending me reminders of how much He cares about Awestruck.  He is bringing people and situations to gently nudge me when I need it the most.  I am always encouraged after our launch/leadership team meets on Wednesday nights.  I am always blown away when I meet someone new who is looking for a church in our area.  I am constantly amazed by how BIG my God is, and all the resources He has for our church.  He is in the habit of reminding me that this is His church and that He wants it to succeed.  

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