The Greatest Role I Play…

In my life I fill many roles.  I am am friend, a counselor, a pastor, son, brother, house keeper, coach, teacher, mentor, student, and many more.  What I am learning recently is that I have two roles that only I can fulfill.  Husband and Daddy.  I am the only one that can be the father of my children, and the husband to my wife.  I am fully embracing these roles, and prioritizing my time and efforts around being the best I can at these two things.  It has not been work, it has been the most fun I have ever had in my life.  There are no other people in this world I would rather spend time with than my family.  Tee Ball games, fish sticks and chocolate milk lunches, lots of princess and pirate time, being the bull for the cowboy, fixing hair into pony tails, splashing in the kiddie pool in freezing water, and dance parties…..I wouldn’t trade this for anything!  I am so thankful for the time to spend with my wife and kids.  I love my family.

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