I told you she was Hot!

Time for me to brag on my smoking hot wife again!  Apart from being stunningly gorgeous, she is a woman that follows hard after Jesus.  Let the boasting and swagger begin.  She works as an oncology nurse here in Greensboro.  On her floor she is known by many esteemed titles, but the greatest is Josh’s wife….haha.  Her most esteemed title is that of a Christian.  She is often asked to pray for situations by co-workers and turned to for support.  She sets a standard by the way she lives out her faith on her floor.  On Friday they had some big shindig and no one to open in prayer.  Guess who they asked to open up the meeting in prayer?  That’s right, my baby!  Most of the time it is opened with a prayer that is read from a script that is meant to be non offensive and pretty neutral.  The kind of prayer that leaves you guessing who they were praying to.  More of a group of wishes and positives thoughts than a heart felt conversation with a living Savior that is capable of answering each request.  My wife told them that she would say the prayer, but she would not compromise the way she prayed.  They handed her some scripts and she looked them over, but when it came time to pray she left the scripts behind and let it rip.  I am so proud of her!!!  She was told by some of the people that attended that deal that her prayer made them cry.  One of the sweetest prayers they had ever heard.  The speaker even referred to her prayer several times while she was talking.

When we live out our relationship with Jesus in front of people they take notice.  This is not about being a pastor and a pastor’s wife, this is about following Jesus.  I’ll say it again, I am proud of my wife for taking a stand and not backing down from what she knows is right.  As a result people were able to see Jesus.

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