Sunday=Fun Day

Yesterday was a busy day for me and the family.  I was honored that the boys from Layden showed up to help me lead worship at PGBC.  Those guys are truly amazing!  You should get their new CD.  The Awestruck crew represented in full force.  (Minus the one who was at the beach)  I got to speak at a graduation banquet for some of my former students.  I had them when they were in Middle School and they asked me to be their speaker.  I was touched, but it also made me feel old to see all these young adults that we remembered as awkward, geeky kids.  Almost as old as we felt when we were asked to be part one of our former students weddings!  My good friend and partner in Awestruck, Evan, played an acoustic gig at Monkeez Brew in Thomasville.  If you are in T’ville you definitely need to check this place out!  Me and Micah had a blast putting puzzles together and drinking our coffee.  Yep, Micah likes a little coffee with his milk.  (Decaf of course)  We sat and chatted with Heather and Steggy while Evan serenaded us in the back ground.  It was the kind of day that made me fall more in love with the people God has placed in my life to start our new church.  I am so blessed and blown away at what He is doing right now.  We have the perfect team in place for His perfect timing to be part of His perfect will.  I am humbled to be part of Awestruck!

  1. it was a good weekend if i do say so. you the man.
    thanks for leading.

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