Random Envelope in the Mail Box

My wife has an uncanny knack for never opening mail we receive.  She will bring it in the house and stack it on the table and never open it up.  Needless to say, there was a nice stack waiting on me when I got home from my two days out of town.  I did not open anything on Friday due to breaking my back in the yard pulling weeds and spreading mulch.  (The back yard looks amazing though)  All this to say that today as she was sorting through the envelopes she brought me a plain white envelope with nothing but “Awestruck Church” written on the front.  I am very leery of random envelopes stuck in our mailbox, so I proceeded with much caution and great prayer…haha.  Inside the envelope was a check folded into 2 blank pieces of notebook paper.  A CHECK!  Not a small check, but a check big enough to purchase a bunch of equipment the church could not afford before this afternoon.  A check that just made tears flood my face and know that my God is looking after our new church.  A check that confirms every hope and dream I have for Awestruck!  A check that I can’t make out the signature, but from someone that believes in our vision and wants to see God do amazing things.  A check!  My Father in Heaven is faithful to do immeasurably more than I could ever ask and today he proved it.  I am amazed, flabbergasted, blown away, and Awestruck right now!  In the memo line it simply said “For God’s Glory”, and that is all we want to see in our church, God to be Glorified.

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