Silence and Respect

Today we spent a few hours walking around the Arlington National Cemetery.  I was, well Awestruck as we looked at all the markers representing the soldiers that have fought for our freedom.  At the tomb of JFK where the eternal flame burns, I was taken aback by the silence and respect.  An eery silence that was overwhelming.  No one said a word or made a sound.  The same was true for the tomb of the unknown soldier.    Only the sound of commands and marching as the changing of the guard took place.  In ten years of youth ministry I have never heard a group of teenagers stand and be quiet!  I experienced it today.  As we were exiting the tomb of the unknown soldier, we were startled by the sound of music coming towards us.  We rushed to the main street and were honored to watch the funeral procession of a soldier pass by.  I put away my cameras and stood in total silence once again.  No signs were needed to instruct me in this moment.  The music of the band, the sound of the horses that pulled the wagon holding the casket draped in our flag, and the family walking behind at a close distance was enough to move and challenge me on so many levels.  As a person who always feels the need to say something, I could only utter the first words that came to my mind, “The cost of freedom is high”.  Me, Steggy and Evan did not engage in much conversation on our way back to the car.  Our talk, spoken to the backdrop of a cannon fire salute, consisted of the great expanse of what we had seen and how difficult it was to process.  This was not my first trip to Arlington, but I can tell you that it will be my most memorable!  Even as I type, 9 hours later, I sit in my motel room Awestruck.  God truly used this day to remind of what it means to be amazed and stand in Awe.  Oh what a journey this life can be.  

  1. that’s a good word man. my feelings were very similar. thanks for your encouragement.

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