As one (or two) doors close…

Rejection is tough!  I don’t like being told, “No”, especially twice in three days by two different people.  It is hard to swallow.  It takes all your hopes and expectations and crushes them.  I must admit that I felt beaten like a borrowed poodle when I got news of the second rejection, but I am better today.  All we are looking for is a place to meet.  We don’t have a long list of demands, just a space big enough to fit everyone for our worship services starting in September.  Unfortunately our two best options have declined our request this week.  Under normal circumstances I would sulk for a few days and question why I was even doing this.  Fortunately, I already have the answer as to why, and that gives me a peace about the where and even the who.  As I recently posted, this is God’s deal and I am trusting 100% that He has the perfect location available for Awestruck.  I cannot wait to see what miraculous doors God is planning to swing wide open for our church.  “No” does not mean stop for us.  It simply means head in a different direction and work harder!  I am so pumped about the future of Awestruck!

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