“Beef Stew”

Do you remember when the school cafeteria would throw everything left over from the week into one pot and the sweet ladies with only a few teeth and hair nets would serve it as “Beef Stew” on Friday?  Well, that is what this blog reminds me of, so I calling it my beef stew blog because I am just throwing it all into one.

This week has been incredible.  I got the latest REI catalog and on the front it said, “Don’t forget to schedule in Play Time”.  So Tuesday I scheduled in play time with my kids.  Just me and the kids all day.  Micah had fish sticks, tater tots and chocolate milk for lunch.  That is disgusting, but that is what he wanted!  You get what you want on daddy day.  It was a full day of pillow fighting, super heros, princesses and pirates.  Micah actually recited the pledge of allegiance in his pirate voice.  We had a great day  Wednesday night the Awestruck team met and talked about our individuality and uniqueness.  We have such a diverse team and I am so excited to see how everyone is coming together in unity.  As a team we are going to be unstoppable.  Adyson is really coming into her own personality.  It is so much fun to watch her play with her baby dolls and take care of them.  She quite often tells us to be quiet because they are sleeping.  She is one of the prettiest little girls I have ever seen.  I know I am biased, but that little girl is gorgeous, just ask her.

I got to hang out with my church planter brothers today at lunch.  I always love hanging with those guys.  You can check out their posts in my blog role.  It is encouraging to know that you are not alone on a journey that most don’t understand.  I always learn so much from those meetings.  I’m done….no more randomness for the day.

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