Why am I doing this?

Do you ever ask why?  Like when you wake up at 2 am with heart burn and indigestion you ask, “Why did I eat the spicy guacamole and hot wings for dinner?”.  When you are sitting on the side of the road and the car parked behind you has his blue lights flashing you ask, “Why was I going so fast and why didn’t I put my seatbelt on?”.  When your head begins to split and everyone else’s kids are bugging you to death you ask, “Why do we even come to Chuck E. Cheese?”  When you are hanging from a ladder in the middle of a windstorm you ask, “Why did I need to fix the siding right now?”  (Maybe that only happens to me?  You can read the story HERE)  We all have things in life that make us ask why!  Planting a church constantly makes me ponder this question.  Why in the world are we starting a new church.  I often feel that I find more people with questions than encouragement.  At times I begin to wonder if anyone other than the Awestruck team and other planters understand this process.  

At the end of the day, regardless of the questions and doubters, I can say that I know why I am on this journey.  It is NOT because I was fed up at my last church!  It is NOT because I think existing churches aren’t good enough.  It is NOT because I needed a place to preach!  I can say without hesitation that God has placed a mighty call on my life to start a new work to reach a large group of people with His life changing love and grace.  That is why we are on this journey to Awestruck.  We are walking this path and have no doubt that God is numbering and measuring each step.  Regardless of how many times I am asked why, I will always respond with the same answer.  I am following the call of God and doing exactly what He has purposed me to do!  I am having more fun than I have ever had in my life.

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