Are we Making a Difference

As usual, the Awestruck team met on Wednesday night.  We definitely missed Tyler and Holly, but I am pumped that Layden has so many opportunities to play!  Every meeting gets better and better.  This is a good thing because we are getting closer and closer to launching as a Church.  There is one point that has really hit me hard over the past few weeks and is becoming a theme of our meetings.  It was derived from one our team members recent experiences at a Passion Concert.  The point is this: We should never get a large group of people together without making some sort of impact on someone else.  (That is badly phrased, I’ll try to explain)  The number one question we must ask when we gather as a church is “Are we making a difference?”.  If not, then why are we meeting?  If we are not impacting the lives of the people in our community and meeting the needs of others then why does our church exist?  We should never come together as a group of Christians and only focus on our personal desires and growth.  Don’t get me wrong here, spiritual growth is vital to our church.  But, we must impact our community in order to grow the Kingdom of God.  How hard is to collect some socks and towels when we gather to donate to the local homeless shelter.  Is it possible for the church to sacrifice one weeks offering to help a family with medical expenses.  Could we collect to help the people affected by the tragedy in Myanmar?  Or, is it really all about creating a culture of the church being all about those who choose to show up on Sunday mornings?  This question has exposed some selfishness in me that I was not ready to deal with.  Will Awestruck really make a difference in our community?  Our City?  The world?  Well, I can tell you that we are building that into our DNA and will do everything we can to keep our focus outward rather than inward.  I must admit, I seems to be a tough task.  


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