Learning what it means to be Disciplined

I have always considered myself a go getter, someone who makes it happen!  If I put my mind to it, I can usually accomplish it.  If you tell me I can’t then it gives me even more incentive to show you I can.  The process of planting a new church has put an entirely new spin on what I can and cannot accomplish.  I am learning what it means to be disciplined.  I am learning all about my strengths and and my weaknesses as a leader.  I am discovering that this whole deal is in God’s hands and His timing.  I have very little to do with it!  Sure, I cannot sit on my blessed assurances and wait for it to happen, but I must depend and wait on Him more than ever.  It has been a struggle for me.  It has been more challenging than any venture I have ever taken on.  I am so used to being in control of my own outcomes.  I like the power to choose and dictate my future.  I like it done and I want it done yesterday.  God could not give two left armpits about when I want it done.  He is teaching me about patience and dependance.  He is growing my maturity as I grow in discipline.  The more I follow His instruction and trust His authority, the more progress I make as a church planter.  Discipline is all about leading and moving even when you get frustrated.  All about doing the very things you hate to do.  Discipline is not a fun process, but necessary to see God’s plan come to pass.

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