My Son is funny!

My 4 year old is one funny kid.  It is amazing the sense of humor and expressions he has at such an early age.  He knows how to make people laugh.  Most of the time he is at his best when he doesn’t mean to be amusing.  We took him bowling the other day and in his effort to get a strike he threw his ball into the lane beside us!  Last night Shannon’s dad was pitching a tennis ball to him and he whacked him square in the chest.  It made a deep thud on impact.  The look on his face was priceless.  He was ready to do it again.  Often when a foul aroma enters the room (a poot, or “toot” as Adyson would call it) he will let us blame it on everyone else before he finally admits his guilt.  He has let us go as far as starting to change our daughter’s diaper before saying, “It was me, I pooted.”  I just love my son and all the funny things he does and says.  Like when he walks into my room at 7:15 am in his cowboy hat, vest, boots, belt, and holster and says he is dressed and ready for school.  That is hillarious.

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