Beyond the Ordinary

Last night the Awestruck team discussed what it means to perform with Excellence.  Excellence is simply exceeding or surpassing the ordinary.  At Awestruck we have a goal of changing people’s expectations and preconceived notions about church.  Our plan is to go beyond what is ordinary and routine to expose Jesus in a real and livable way.  In Ephesians 3:20-21 we have the promise that God, at work in us, is capable of infinitely more than we could ever imagine.  He does this so the church can bring all the fame and glory to God.  In order to accomplish this we must execute and function to the best of our ability.  Hard work is the key.  Much like in Nehemiah 4, we must do whatever it takes to accomplish the great work that God has called us to!  With a sword in one hand and a hammer in the other.  Our job is to build the church so that we can build God’s kingdom, and defend and protect the vision that God has given for Awestruck.  A sword and a hammer.  If we perform our roles with excellence then God will come through and blow our minds with all that He wants to accomplish.  Exceeding and surpassing the ordinary.  Awestruck will be anything but ordinary.  Mediocrity Stinks! 

Afterwards we all hung out and played Guitar Hero.  Let’s just say that Guitar Hero is not some of our team’s strength.  We all had fun watching them though.  I can’t wait until September.

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