Excellence is Everything!

While we were at Disney I noticed one continuous theme everywhere we went…Excellence.  From the folks picking up the trash to the managers at the nicest restaurants, everyone performed with quality.  Each person took pride in what they were doing and believed in the Disney vision.  Even the clean up crew could give exact directions to rides and information about show times.  Each individual was sold out to the big picture of creating the most magical experience on earth.  It was very impressive!  

At Awestruck we value quality across the board.  From our greeters to the preaching we will do everything to the best of our ability.  Even more, if we cannot do it with excellence we will not attempt it.  There is no hierarchy in our team.  Each person plays an important role in the vision.  Without our red carpet greeting team people will not care what I have to say from the pulpit.  Without a quality children’s ministry it will not matter what kind of worship we offer.  Each person on the Awestruck ministry team must be sold out to the big vision of exposing Jesus to our community.  I cannot wait to see how all of our plans come into fruition and we carry the life changing message of Jesus to all the people we are going to reach.  Excellence is Everything!

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