Feeling a little “Goofy” (bad reference, sorry)

My son is running wide open and pulling out everything we put in.  My daughter is clomping around the house in sparkly high heels saying, “I am the real princess”.  My wife is moving frantically like poultry with no head!  Laundry to do, bags to pack, and last minute trips to Walmart can only mean one thing….Disney World.  Well, I guess this kind of describes a fairly normal day at our house, but tonight it means Disney.  We leave tomorrow for 8 days of Disney fun and we could not be more excited.  My son pulled all the clothes out of one drawer and threw it in a suit case the other night.  He then proudly pulled it into the living room and proclaimed he was packed, so let’s go.  We will be traveling and playing with all of Shannon’s family.   It is crazy how much stuff we have to take for all of us to survive for a week.  It would be easier if Disney would just come to us?  I will be celebrating my birthday with Mickey and Minnie.  I am told that you get a button to wear at the park and you get special treatment and surprises.  Oh, I love surprises and special treatment.  I must say this will be the biggest birthday party I have ever had.

I will be disconnected for the cyber world for most of the trip, so I will return to my daily posts on April 28th.  Until then, browse through the old posts and discuss amongst yourself.  I can’t wait to tell all about our adventures when we return.  Why, because we like you….M.O.U.S.E.  (Very old Disney reference)

    • David Frazer
    • April 20th, 2008

    Happy birthday!

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