I used to be a stud….

I have become a casual exerciser!  Last summer I did my first triathlon and have dreams of doing another this summer.  (I will definitely brag about doing that thing until I can’t talk anymore!)  I have big dreams of training everyday.  The problem is that my dreams have not become reality.  I have become a casual trainer and have not taken this seriously.  Well, the last two days Steggy Baby (From His Scars to Our Scars) has enticed me to work out with him.  I have memories of how strong and in shape I used to be.  In my mind I am still the young, buff, stud that I was in college when I was teaching Physical Education and doing training for people at the gym.  In my mind I was ready for anything Steggy could throw at me.  In my body I was nothing more than a casual exerciser and not equipped to do the workouts we did.  I am not as strong as I used to be.  I do not have the cardiovascular stamina I once possessed.  It has taken Steggy punking me out in the gym to realize the decline of my physical condition.

Our spiritual condition is very much dependent on how often and how hard we work out our faith.  We cannot live off what we did and experienced many years ago.  In order to keep our relationship with Jesus strong we must spend the time to cultivate it.  It is a daily adventure that requires our time and effort.  Much like our physical decline due to lack of activity, our relationship will not stay strong and grow without out our input.  You did not stop talking to your spouse after the wedding and expect to have a healthy marriage.  How could expect your relationship with Jesus to stay healthy with no communication?

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