I am Clueless!

Last night the Awestruck team met and once again I had the time of my life!  My wife threw me a surprise Birthday party a week early.  We will be at Disney on my B-day, so she did it last night.  She is so thoughtful!  After the Cold Stone ice cream cake, we sat down to discuss all the plans we’ve been making over the last few weeks.  Even with the great plans, dreams, and details we have come up with, this is God’s church and He is in control!  If we get ahead of Him then we will fail.  If we go without His direction then we might as well pack it up now.  Up until this point I believe we are right in the middle of God’s plan.  Our desire is to stay there in every step we take.  I told someone the other day that I was loving the fact that I don’t have a clue and I hope I never lose that.  As long as I am clueless, I have no choice but to rely on God for everything.  At Awestruck we are praying for two things specifically: God’s Will and God’s Wisdom.  This is the prayer for our lives and our church.  We want to spend all our time and energy on lifting God up and making known.  Everything we do is for His glory and His renown.  Everything else falls in line.  This is the journey to Awestruck!  Regardless if you are part of our church, each one of us is called to this adventure.

    • eblack
    • April 17th, 2008

    barack obama, john mccain, tyrannasaurus rex, peanut butter. there ya go.

  1. Haha…that ought to bring the multitudes. Thanks man!

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