I don’t feel like it

On Saturday I mowed my grandma’s yard.  Let me explain the complexity of this statement.  I don’t like to mow grass.  We live on two acres and I never mow my own grass….my neighbor does it for me.  Brett is the man!  I worked for a landscaping company one summer in college and hated it.  At the end of the summer the owner asked me if I learned anything and I responded, “Stay in college and get a job that does not include mowing grass”.  Yard work is just not my thing.   So I’ll say it again….on Saturday I mowed my grandma’s yard.  I mowed it with a push mower!  

Sometimes our decisions in life are based on what we should do, not what we want to do.  I think our society has adopted a dangerous mindset of doing whatever we feel is right.  If it feels right for you then do it?  What if I don’t feel like stopping at a red light?  What if I don’t feel like paying for the food I just ate?  What if I don’t feel like taking care of my children today?  What if I don’t feel like paying my taxes?  It does not matter how you feel!  Some mornings I don’t feel married, that does not change my marital status.  I did not feel like mowing Grandma’s grass, but it was not about how I felt.  We must make decisions that are informed, right, helpful, and sometimes go against how we feel.  In the Bible we see that Jesus reached a place at the end of His life that he did not feel like completing the task He came for.  He actually prayed for God to remove the burden if it was possible.  It was not possible.  He carried the weight of our sins because it was the right decision, not because he felt like doing it.  He did it because His love for people was larger than the human emotions he was experiencing at the moment.  Regardless of how you feel, we must make the proper choices in life.  How does that make you feel?

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