The rundown and the prediction….

All I can do is stand back and watch!This has been a great week.  The Awestruck team blew my mind on Wednesday night talking about discipleship.  We discussed what it is and what it is not.  Their knowledge and understanding confirm what I say all the time, God has assembled the perfect team to launch this new church.  I will post a blog soon about Awestruck‘s take on what it means to grow in Christ.  Micah had two tee ball games and the team did great.  We even made a few outs.  (they don’t count in our league though)  I had a great lunch with Chris and Tadd.  I love to get together with guys that are like minded and talk about how our churches can reach the city!  It is true what they say, only a church planter can truly understand church planting.  I love those guys.  I got to hang out with Adyson all morning on Friday and had dinner with my whole family tonight.  It has been a great week.

The only downside is that my Cubs are not doing well right now.  Doesn’t look like they are going to overcome a 5 run deficit in the 9th to pull off a win tonight.  That makes them 6-5.  Oh well, the season is young and we are still above 500.  Enough of my ramblings.  You probably stopped caring in the last paragraph?

My Prediction for next week: Very busy getting ready for Disney World!  (Details soon)

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