We’re all searching for something…

(This is longer than normal, but worth the read!)

Recently I was sent a link to a YouTube video from a friend of mine.  (I love YouTube!)  The Video was of Oprah’s new online religion training course.  Now, I do not watch Oprah and don’t really know much about her.  The last thing I heard about her was that she endorsed Barack Obama for president, and the only reason I know that is because of the news channels I watch.  I was baffled to see her insight into “finding God” and spiritual enlightenment.  The video claims she makes statements like, “don’t waste your time on an old rugged cross” and “Jesus, what about Jesus?”.  Her entire premise is that there is one God and many paths to get there.  I continued to watch all the related videos and finally landed on one called “10 questions every Christian must answer”.  This video really got me all messed up!  The first question was why doesn’t God heal amputees?  Who in the world has that much time and anger to sit around thinking about all the questions Christians can’t answer?  

What I watched was enough to send me into a fit of rage, BUT instead it truly burdened my heart!  I was reminded of what Paul told Timothy a long, long, long time ago about the days we are living in.  He warned him of a people with a form of Godliness, but lacking it’s power.  The skewing and distortion of God’s truth has been around since the creation of man.  It all started in the Garden.  That is how satan tempted Adam and Eve!  When we start believing that our salvation is based on what we do and how we feel, we are headed down hill fast.  It is a dangerous place to be, but easy to get there due to our selfish nature.  Oprah wants to find God through her means and not the plan laid out by God.  The problem with that is if we take Jesus out of the equation then we will never be able to reach God!  Jesus is God’s plan.  Jesus is the son of God.  Without Jesus then we have no chance!  

The truth is that everyone is searching for something.  That is the way we were created.  Each one of us has a spiritual void to fill.  That is why Oprah is doing what she is doing.  That is why tons of people will follow her.  That is why the “10 questions” guy took the time to make the video.  If he truly thought God was imaginary then he would not waste his time on that video.  Each one of us has a place designed just for God.  Searching in other avenues can bring temporary relief, but never the joy, peace, satisfaction, hope and purpose that Jesus does.  Can God still move in these times where no one believes in Absolute truth anymore?  Check THIS out!  In Jena, LA they just completed a 7 week move of God that was only supposed to last a few days.  God is just waiting for His people to turn to Him and move away from all the nonsense and teachings that are out there.  It’s simple really, Jesus is the answer! 

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