A cold night for Tee Ball

We had our first Tee Ball game on Monday night.  It is awesome to watch all the kids run and figure out what they are doing on the field.  One of our players ran a big circle and missed all the bases.  The league we play in has a parent with each player to keep them from eating too much dirt and running into other players.  I love being the coach for the Cubs.  That’s right, we are the Cubs.  It was a great start to a great season.  The only issue we encountered tonight was the mist and cold.  Deep down it made me long for one more good snow before the warm weather settles in.  Everyone in our house loves the snow.  Especially our dog Xerxes.  


Random Fact of the Week: My wife was bitten by a cat on Monday night.  She is somewhat compulsive and did all her checks to make sure it did not have rabies.  We even googled Rabies!  Who gets bitten by a cat? 

    • eblack
    • April 8th, 2008

    that’s why i don’t like cats. cats are more vicious than you or i will ever know.

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