Why should the devil have all the good music?

This is a great question posed by the great singer/songwriter Larry Norman.  I believe that there is no such thing as Christian music and Non Christian music…it is the heart and the purpose of the music played that is important.  My music of choice in the car is never, I repeat never, the “Christian” radio station.  As a musician I would rather listen to non Christian songs played well than Christian songs that are written and played poorly.  I bet you won’t hear too many pastors admit to that.  It is sad to me what we as Christians are missing musically in the name of separation from the world.  I read a book once called, “Why I Left the Contemporary Christian Music Movement” and the author made some great points!  But, as a matter of personal opinion I could never attend a church that used no instruments and sang old songs in a monotone voice range.  I could not worship due to overwhelming boredom and excessive sleeping!  Some would argue that Rock n Roll is inspired from worldly roots and we should not use that type of music in our churches or our lives.  I would ask, as Larry Norman asked, why should the devil have all the good music?  Give me something I can dance and jump around too.  Give me a thumping bass line so loud it makes my insides rattle.  Give me a ripping guitar solo that is played with passion and excellence.  Give me lyrics that not only glorify God, but also challenge and inspire me with the genius and heart they are written with.  I love good music that is played and written well.  I believe the reason that people that don’t know Jesus dislike “Christian Music” is because it pales in comparison to the bands they enjoy.  It is time to reclaim one of the greatest gifts God ever gave his creation.  Music stirs us to emotion and feeling.  We all have songs in our life that remind us of the moments we cherish.  Each of us has memories tied to special songs that helped us get through tough times or gets us pumped up to face the day.  Music is a powerful tool that God has given us.  It is time we as the church take it back and use it bring honor and fame to the name of Jesus!  Why should the devil have anything? My good friends in Layden have just released a brand new CD that fulfills all of these criteria!  These guys love Jesus and their music reflects it.  Tyler Ricketts is a lyrical genius when it comes to relaying the message of Jesus in everyday life.  He is also incredible on Guitar and Keys.  Josh Mitchell is a well accomplished lead guitarist with a smooth style and skill level that blows me away.  Jonathan Parker might just be one of the best bass players I have ever heard, period!  Tyler Biggs plays the drums with passion and energy.  He lights up the stage with his ability and excitement. (and he is my son’s hero).  These guys are the embodiment of great music played for a Great God.  There new CD gave me chill bumps as I listened to it.  I have not taken it out my CD player yet.  Here is a little sample of these guys live.  Come check them out Friday Night (4/4) @ Cafe Jam!  Buy your tickets online because this show will Sell Out. 

  1. April 4th, 2008

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