Outta my way Kid

inflatable-slide.jpgYesterday I went with the family to a birthday party.  I have been hearing great things about Bounce U, but never experienced it for myself.  I have to tell you that it is incredible.  They have all the best inflatables in one location!  We all went down this huge 35 foot slide over and over.  That thing was so much fun.  I went through the obstacle course a few times until I was challenged to a race by Bailey.  He is small, quick and 10!  I had no chance to win with my big old body, so I had to cheat.  I did everything I could to slow him down.  We were neck and neck at the end.  Our final obstacle was a 3ft tube which led to the finish line.  As he entered the tube, I took off with all I had to beat him.  Somehow, I cleared the entire tube and the landing area.  I felt like superman.  As I flew out of the course onto the carpet, the employee happened to be standing in my landing zone and I took him out!  I mean I flat creamed him!   As he sat on me (he was literally sitting on me because I took his legs out) I asked him, “Did you sign the waiver?”.  It was pretty funny.   Rug burn, bruises, sore muscles and all, I had a blast.  Shannon and I both have birthdays next month, and we are seriously considering an Adult only party there.  It would have been so much more fun if those kids hadn’t been in my way…haha.

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