It just keeps getting Better and Better


I brag on my Launch team all the time, but I am so proud of them.  We have been planning and putting details together over the past two weeks.  The Awestruck team is amazing!  The ideas and the dreams they have for our church blow me away.  We are beginning to see what Awestruck is going to look like and discovering how to make it happen.  I get pumped every time we write something new on the white board.  Oh yeah, we are using a white board!  The ideas are flowing and the excitement is growing.  God is so amazing!  He has assembled the perfect team to start this new church.  Awestruck is going to be soooooooo great.  Eastern Guilford county is not going to know what hit them.  I cannot wait to be the pastor of this amazing movement of God.  Our desire is to be all that a church should be…

 We believe church should be:

Real, Welcoming, Exciting, Fun, Refreshing, Challenging, Understandable, Livable, Impacting, Relevant, Encouraging, and Life Changing!

 We are trusting God for all the answers to all of our questions.  We are believing He is going to open all the doors that we need opened.  We are overwhelmed with anticipation of all the lives that are going to be changed and people that are going to impacted through what He has called us to do.  Get ready….Awestruck is coming soon!

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