You Can’t Hunt Eggs with a Full Basket

egg-hunt-2.jpgEaster was a busy day for the Parrish family!  We went to church, ate with Shannon’s family, and then Adyson’s Birthday party.  It was late Saturday night when I came to the realization that I had forgotten the reason we celebrate this day in the first place.  Well, I did not forget, but it had been pushed to back of my mind in the shuffle of all the other events taking place.  Sunday morning my wife, in all of her brilliance, subtly brought this to my attention with an astounding revelation about easter baskets.  It is always interesting as a pastor when God uses your wife to speak spiritual truth into your life.  I have learned to listen intently and apply directly when she speaks up.  This is what she said: “I have to clean out the kids easter baskets so they will have room for the egg hunt.  They won’t be able to get any eggs with all this stuff in it.”  Then she said, “When we go to God with all our own stuff in our lives He doesn’t have any room to put in what He wants to put in.”  Wow!  My wife has turned into me, but better and wiser!  Such a simple concept that I fail to apply so many times.  I bring God all my ideas, plans, dreams, and my schedule and then ask Him to bless it and put some of His stuff in if He can find room.  You would not go to an Egg Hunt with a full Basket!  We should not come to God with a life full selfish things and expect Him to magically make our basket bigger.  When God begins to bring His ways and His plans into our life, it will only be limited by the amount of space we have consumed with our own stuff.  In Luke 17:33 Jesus tells us how to gain all that He wants to give.  He warns that if we hold onto our own stuff then we cannot possess His.  I believe we spend way too much time filling our life basket with all the eggs that have the crappy candy when God wants us to be making room for the Golden Egg!?!?  He possesses the Grand Prize and all we have to do is come with an empty basket.

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