Who am I?

80% of Americans don’t truly know themselves?  That is a statistic quoted by an associate of the Gallup organization, and those guys are pretty smart.  If it is true that we become successful in life because of who we are and not because of who we aren’t, then there are a bunch of people floundering through life!  The last year of my life has been a journey of self discovery.  I have been answering questions about what I am passionate about and what I love to do.  I have also been pondering what I don’t like and the tasks that I am no good at.  We all have strengths, talents, gifts and a calling.  Each one of us has the ability to do great things in life.  We have a purpose.  The problem is that most never stop to discover what we should be doing, and how we can succeed at what we love to do.  People get stuck doing life and then play catch up until death.  We call that normal?  Instead of finding what we are passionate about and living a fulfilled life that energizes us, we just take what comes along and make the most of it.  I guess that is why 80% don’t know themselves.  They are too busy being and doing what everyone else wants them to do that they never take time for self discovery.  We vote for the person the media tells us to vote for, eat where others tell us is good, work for the people that tell us we are good enough, and live in the homes that compare to the people we are keeping up with.  God has created you with purpose and skills to complete what only you can complete.  You are unique and individual.  Check out Ephesians 2:10!  You are a one of a kind masterpiece created by God himself.  There are plans for your life!  Are you living to do what you were created to do, or are you simply taking what comes along and dealing with it?

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