What a Great Week!

This has been an incredible week for me.  I am tired, but rejuvenated at the same time.  I led worship in 3 different places in two days last weekend.  Shannon shopped me to death at Myrtle Beach Monday through Wednesday.  Wednesday night we had an incredible meeting with our team.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night I was honored to lead worship at the Unveil revival.  Today I preached my heart out at Rocky Knoll.  I did good today getting everybody ready and getting there on time while Shannon was at work.  I have been busy, but I have loved every minute of it.  Especially the part where Duke lost to Clemson!   Today I spoke on the fact that we as Christians have lost the ability to stand in Awe of God.  It might just be one of the best messages I have ever preached!  The church received it well and it was not an easy word to digest.  It was strong!  It was good to see some folks from Clifton Road that came to hear me.  That was very cool.  My team was there to support me.  I love those guys.  Ok, I am done with the update for now.  Only 5 minutes left until Carolina wins the ACC Tourney, so I am going to watch the game and then I am taking a nap!

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