Unveil has been Unbelievable

I have had the privilege of leading worship for Unveil this week.  Unveil is a revival planned, led, and put on by the college students at Pleasant Garden Baptist.  I must tell you that it has rejuvenated me to be part of this deal.  In a world where 3 out of 4 college students decide to leave church by the end of their freshman year, these guys are hanging out in church on the weekend.  The best part is it is because they want to!  I have been inspired to see the people coming and worshiping.  I have loved hearing the speakers (members of the college ministry) share their heart and challenge us.  It has been a great two nights.  A big thanks to the guys who have helped me out in the band, Zach, Matt, and Devin.  You guys are awesome.  I got to go eat with different people after each night and that has been a blast.  There is hope for what Josh McDowell calls the “Last Christian Generation”.   The hope is that some of them are tired of playing games and want to get serious about following Jesus.  That gets me excited.  We have one more night and then I am preaching on Sunday.  I will be at Rocky Knoll Baptist Church on Sunday morning.  They will probably not know what hit them, but I am ready to bring it.  We are going to talk about what it means to be Awestruck.  Seems like a fitting topic.  I hope to bring encouragement and excitement into their church.  I am always honored when another pastor allows me to stand in his pulpit.  Well, God’s pulpit, but you know what I mean.  

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