The Road that leads to No Where…

On March the 11th Shannon and I celebrated 8 years of marriage!  I am one blessed man to be married to the hottest woman God ever created.  She is….well I guess she is kind of stuck with me?  When I say that I chased her until she couldn’t run anymore and asked her until she got tired of saying no, I mean those things literally.  I wore her down until she was weak enough to agree to marry me.  We went down to Myrtle Beach for a couple of nights to get away and celebrate.  After dropping the youngins with my parents, we headed towards Myrtle.  I must clarify something before you hear the rest of the story.  I am a good driver and I never get lost.  I very rarely miss turns and usually know exactly where I am going.  I have a decent sense of direction.  That is unless it is just me and Shannon in the car.  We get to talking and I start paying attention to her and not where I am.  This has led to some interesting trips that I don’t want to discuss any further.  With that understood, I don’t mind sharing that we ended up on the wrong highway on the way to Myrtle.  We were right there.  We could see the buildings and all the beach stuff from where we were, but we could not get there.  The worst part about this road is that we had no where to turn around.  A fence blocked the median and no exits to get back on the right path.  We drove and drove and drove for what seemed like forever.  I have named this road the “Highway to Hell” because it was taking us to the middle of nowhere, fast.  We felt helpless and like we had no choice but to keep going the wrong way.  I drove faster, probably too fast.  In the back of my mind I was hoping to be stopped for speeding so I could get directions from the trooper.  After going more than 20 miles in the wrong direction we came to an exit to turn around.  I must tell you that there was nothing more comforting than knowing I was headed in the right direction and we were going to get the beach before dark.  There have been times in my life that I felt just like this.  Helpless and without direction.  I was going nowhere and fast.  I know there are people out there looking for direction because they are moving at a rapid pace with no hope and no way of knowing how to get back where they need to be.  That is why we are starting Awestruck!  I know that Jesus is the answer to every question about purpose and direction in our lives.  The purpose of Awestruck is to expose people to how Jesus fits and completes their daily life.  No more driving aimlessly for the things that bring no satisfaction and lead to emptiness.  Putting people on the path that leads to hope, peace, purpose, and fulfillment.  Jesus is awesome! 

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