You’ll Shoot your Eye Out

dscn1802.jpgThere comes a time in a dad’s life when we have to make important decisions.  We have to become the leader of the home and do what we feel is best for our kids.  Friday night was one of those moments in my life, a milestone if you will.  I decided, against Shannon’s better judgement, that it is time for Micah to have a BB gun.  I’ll explain.  We really like our neighbor and we think it is great that she has a multitude of cats and dogs.  However, we don’t agree with the idea of their cats spending time in our yard.   Walking on our vehicles, driving our dog insane, urinating on our front porch, etc….  So, because Micah has been asking for a BB gun and because we want to let the cats know they are not welcome anymore, we decided it was time for a trip to Walmart.  The Parrish family is now a proud owner of a small fire arm and the men in the family could not be happier!  We have been shooting bottles and boxes in the back yard.  It has been great bonding time for me and Micah.  It has caused Shannon’s blood pressure to go up and her hair to turn grey.  So far, the cats have not made an appearance near our house, but I guarantee you we shall be prepared when they do.  (Disclaimer: Micah is not allowed to shoot the cats, only be the spotter.  Trust me he has been looking.  We do not intend to kill the cats, on purpose.  We merely intend send a message.  No cats have been harmed up to this point.)    ***Update***  This morning as we were leaving for church Micah saw a cat in the neighbor’s yard and screamed “Cat, can we get the gun?”.  Shannon gave me a look that scared me! 

  1. Just don’t shoot the cugars, I think they can be tamed. I have seen it done in a movie…

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