Strength and Courage

SoldierI am not a courageous person by nature.  I have done some things in life that some would consider to be courageous, and others would consider imbecilic.  When I was younger I loved to try anything while riding on anything with wheels.  Bikes, Skateboards, Roller Blades, Mountain Boards and whatever else we could ride.  As I have grown older I have developed a healthy respect for heights and speeds that are out of control.  I have also developed a new respect for my physical body that does not heal as efficiently as it used to.  Age has depleted my courage and my strength.  In the book of Joshua we learn of a man in his nineties that was called to a great task.  You can read all 24 chapters to learn of all his conquest and the mighty things God did through him as a leader.  Focus especially on the first 11 chapters.  They conquered 31 different cities and kings in about 7 years.  Amazing things like hail storms, walls falling down, the sun not setting, and crossing over the Jordan river in the middle of Flood season led to all of his victories.  He was strong and courageous!  He was everything God told him to be.  In Joshua 1:6-9 he was commanded to be strong and courageous by God himself.  Joshua knew the source of his strength and courage was from only going where God told him to go, learning and studying the Word of God and knowing that God was with him everywhere he went.  Guess what….We have these same sources available to us!!!  My question is how strong and how courageous are you?  We need to know that as long as we are following God’s will, trusting and studying the Bible, and believing that He is with us everywhere we go then there is nothing that can stand in our way.  What makes you feel weak and timid?  I challenge you today to find strength and courage in knowing that with God all things are possible.  Be strong and Be Courageous!

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