Who’s Yo Daddy?

The other morning as Adyson was waking up, she rolled towards me and said, “Daddy” with a huge smile on her face and then laughed herself to sleep.  She not only did it once, she did it twice!  It was the sweetest voice I have ever heard.  She was dreaming about her Daddy.  (That’s me)  I must admit that I am slightly wrapped around her little finger and she knows it.  If you ask her who’s girl she is she will say, “Daddy”.  She knows she is her daddy’s princess and tells everyone she can.  That is my little girl.  I lover her with everything I am.  I will do whatever it takes to protect her, provide for her, and keep her from dating until she is 35!!!  At times I have to punish her to keep her safe and teach her the right way.  It breaks my heart to make her sad, but it is for her own good.  Oh man, I love my baby girl so much that I want to see her get anything she wants.  But, it is my job to make sure she only gets the things that are healthy and best for her.  One night at Jason’s Deli we were all eating ice cream after dinner.  Everyone had our napkins in our shirts to keep us clean.  All she had to do was keep it in and she got ice cream.  She wouldn’t do it and she didn’t get it.  At one point she put it in long enough to get her ice cream and then quickly yanked it out.  Guess what?  No napkin, no Ice Cream.  She missed out while the rest of us enjoyed.  It broke my heart, but it was one of those teaching moments.  She has to learn that we have rules for a reason.  They keep us safe and clean.  Romans 8:14-16 tells us that we have the right to call God our Father.  We know that He is our Daddy.  He loves, protects, and adores us.  He wants nothing but the best for us.  Sometimes He has to make rules to keep us safe and clean!  Our deal is not to question the rules, but only to trust His reasons and know that He has our best interests at heart.  He is our Daddy!  He loves Us!   

    • adrian
    • April 5th, 2008

    Hello, I love your story on your daughter and the way you teach her to be obedient and this is the same way God teaches us to obey his word and we will be rewarded. I am a manager for Jasons Deli and I see this all the time with parents and children, and know it is not easy to raise a child and teach them as it is hard to see them cry. Yet God says to bring them up in the word and they will return when they are older, this I firmly believe. I have been a child of God 12 years and they have been joyous but not the easiest as the word says, “the world will hate you as they hated me” I will keep you in my prayers and know God will lead you in the right way to raise your daughter. Amen!

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