What’s your Capacity?

Earlier this week I was in Georgia for the ChurchPlanters.com conference.  I must admit that I was not feeling up to par.  I am not talking about being physically sick, but psychologically and emotionally doubting.  It is tough to spend time with guys that are doing amazing things in church planting and not experience some doubt and question about what I am doing myself.  I was with guys like Tadd Grandstaff from Pine Ridge Church in Graham and Chris Shelton from Awaken Church in Greensboro.  You can check those guys out on my blog roll to the right.  We were surrounded by hundreds of church planters who all seemed to have all the answers to all the questions.  I often wonder what question to ask, much less have answers!  If dealing with my own self confidence demons wasn’t hard enough, listening to those boys ridicule me about my shirts did not make it easier.  I feel sorry that they don’t understand good fashion and taste in clothes…haha.  On Monday I got to hear Steven Furtick of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC for the first time.  They started two years ago and are already running over 3,000.  They baptized over 1,000 people in the last two years.  I was excited to meet him.  I was even more excited to learn of his keen fashion sense as he stopped me in the middle of the crowd to tell me I was wearing the coolest shirt he had ever seen!  (Take that Pine Ridge Boys!)  He taught on a principle that is as old as, well the Old Testament that took on new meaning and refreshed my passion for what we are doing with Awestruck!  Don’t miss this: What we have is not limited by God’s capability to Give, but our capacity to hold.  We need to use what we have available to us and expect God to continue to replenish and overflow us.  1 Kings 17 tells of how God will continue to bring it as long as we use it.  We just need to put out all our pots, and jars, and everything we can find to hold what God wants to bring!  Get ready, Awestruck is putting them out and can’t wait to see what God is going to do!  Will you pray with us that God will bring wisdom, guidance, location and people.  We are trusting that He is going to open some doors that we need to open and lead us to the people that need to experience His love.   I am pumped up!

    • ev
    • February 23rd, 2008

    dig it! furtick is very cool. (of course, God is cooler, by far)

  1. i love it josh, i wanted to go to that conference with you all so bad, but i found out on late notice.
    If furtick said your shirt was nice, then your shirt was nice.

  2. Bro – I know he was talking about the UGO shirt! 🙂 I had fun with you at the conference man – I heard you were one of the lucky ones to get sick. Stinking Tom got everyone sick – luckily I was able to avoid it.

    Anyways, man – you keep doing what you are doing – learning from the right people – keep building a solid team – stay humble – and the sky is the limit for what God is going to do through you and Awestruck Church. I am expecting BIG things in the coming future from you man! Let me know what we can do to help!!

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