Climbing to New Heights!

On Sunday afternoon we had quite a wind storm blow through our area.  Winds were gusting up to 35-40 mph.  The wind was strong enough to  blow my grill from one side of the deck to the other, and move our Christmas tree from the back of our house all the way around front and down towards the road.  (I know I should have gotten rid of the tree by now, but at least it is out of the house!)  People’s trash cans were rolling all over the neighborhood and all kinds of debris was landing in different peoples yards.  It was insane!  In the middle of our exhilarating  winds I began to hear a strange noise around the side of the house.  As I investigated further my worst nightmare unfolded in front of my eyes…..the siding was coming off the house.  One row, way up high was hanging with all it had to stay attached to the house!  I had to take action.  I ran to the shed, pulled out the ladder, set it up, and…then I remembered I don’t like ladders.  I will spare you the details of fixing a gutter in the middle of a lightning storm and the time I almost got stuck on the roof trying to hang Christmas lights.  Just trust me, I have my reasons that I am scared of ladders and heights.  I freeze up and tremble.  Did I mention the siding in need of repair was way up high?  Nevertheless, I sprung into action and popped the row back into place with my hand.  Moving slowly and methodically, timing my ascent in between the mighty gusts that threatened to bring me, the ladder and the siding to the ground.  As I repositioned the last piece, I gingerly came down the ladder and then proudly marched back into the house.  I was greeted with a hero’s welcome and chants of “Yay, Daddy.  You fixed it!”  Unfortunately, my celebration was short lived as we were interrupted by the very same noise that started this little adventure.  Oh yeah, the siding was falling off again.  At the counsel of my son, Micah, I climbed the ladder once again.  This time with hammer and nails in tow.  I noticed as I was hammering that the winds were growing stronger and it took more balance to stay positioned on the wall.  After my last nail was driven, a gust came like none before it.  Thank goodness for the casing of the bathroom window which gave me an anchor to hold onto.  I held on with all I had for what felt like minutes as I battled the ladder from sliding off the house and crashing to the ground with me on it.  This is why I don’t like ladders.  Everytime I climb one something bad happens.  Perhaps it more a result of my bad timing, but I always get into sticky situations up there.  I will spare you even more details about how I almost ripped the gutter off the front of the house one Christmas.  Life is all about sticky situations and how we will face them!  Some people run from them and others just complain.  I believe some people live for bad stuff to happen so they can tell everyone at the beauty shop.  When storms blow into our life they can either destroy us or mature us.  Check out Romans 5:3 and 1 Peter 1:7!  It is in the times that we face our fears and feel like we are holding on for dear life that God teaches us the most about His faithfulness and ourselves.  He will always provide an anchor to hold onto and help us through.  It is your choice to grab it!

  1. May 13th, 2008

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