Cute Kid=Free Cake

My friends in Layden were nice enough to allow me and Micah to tag along to Huntersville this weekend.  Thanks to Layden for being kind enough to let us hang out.  It was a boys night out.  The kind of night I told my wife she would not have enjoyed.  We hung out and did manly things together, like shop at Target.  We ate dinner at Razzoo’s at Concord Mills and it was great.  I ate Gator Tail!  I have never eaten the tail of anything, so it was quite a rousing experience to say the least.  As we were eating, an announcement was made by one of the waitresses and “Happy Birthday” was sung by all.  The part of this situation that was most intriguing was the free cake and ice cream that accompanied the bad singing.  We wanted free cake.  We came up with a plan.  Tonight, we celebrated Micah’s birthday.  Oh yes, it is 8 months early, but anytime is a good time to celebrate a birthday.  The hardest part of the covert operation was keeping a straight face as all the waiters wanted to know how old he was and talking to him about his birthday.  We knew that he was capable of ruining our charade at any moment, so it was tense for a while.  In the end the plan was successful.  We sang, he got a balloon, and me and the boys from Layden got some cake.  We gave Micah the first bite and then it was every man for himself.  Survival of the fittest and the cake lost.  We had a good time with it, but now I don’t know how to convince him to not tell people he has turned 5. Oh boy, I am going to be in trouble when my wife reads this.

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