Total Sensory Overload

The Tran-Siberian Orchestra concert last night was one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced!  TSO should stand for Total Sensory Overload. You could hear it, feel it, see it, smell it and a few people got to reach out and touch it.  I don’t know how much it costs to put on a show like that, but I am glad they made the investment.  The lighting was phenomenal.  There were lights on top of lights and they all danced and changed color as if they had a mind of their own and loved the music they were hearing.  The strobing effects combined with the laser shows were enough to send you into a siezure.  Even the trusses that hung from the ceiling could not be still.  So much Fog, smoke and Fire filled the arena that our contacts were dried out before it was halfway over.  There was smoke coming from the ceiling and the floor.  There were explosions both on stage and in the back of the seating.  The music was performed by some of the most talented people on the planet.  Ripping Guitar solos, powerful string selections, pounding drum beats, thumping bass lines, and brilliant piano melodies permeated our ears for over two hours.  The vocalists sang with passion and range that most can only dream of.  There was even Snow!

The people in the sold out, packed house were completely engaged from start to finish.  About halfway through the show something went wrong with one of the 12 (I said 12) lighting trusses. By wrong I mean there was an explosion and flames fell onto the first four rows.  Like many people who observed the event, I just thought it was part of the show.  I was convinced otherwise when everyone left their seats and darted to safety in the aisle.  To my amazement they all stood and watched from the side and the show continued.  Everyone in the coliseum was moving and clapping and singing along.  Not even being set on fire could ruin the experience and force them to leave.

I wonder what we are missing in our churches?  Granted, most churches cannot afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in lighting and stage affects, but how can TSO sell out every venue they play and most churches can’t fill their meeting places.  Only a pastor would sit in a show like that and ask that question, but I believe it is valid.  The only answer I could come up with is…Passion and Energy.  Everyone involved in the show loved what they were doing.  Their love drove them to excellence!  Their passion was contagious!  Their energy compelled all the spectators to want to get involved.  Take away all the special effects and spectacular stage set up and I believe it would have been just as great of a concert.  

Christians: it is time to fall in love with Jesus!  Allow your passion to be contagious and your love to drive you to excellence.  Only then will a thirsty and desperate world look at us and want what we have.  I must confess that I don’t like or want to be like most of the people that call themselves Christians.  Let us focus all our energy on loving and following Jesus.  Let us devote everything we are to living a life that others can observe as a Testimony to His life changing grace.  “Set yourself on fire and people will come to watch you burn”!

(Final Note: Go see TSO if they anywhere near you.  You will not be sorry!) 

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