Unpleasant Emotions Caused by Collision

Everyday of my life is a great adventure.  Planting a new church is exciting, scary, demanding, and sometimes boring.  I always have a plan for my day, but never truly know what is actually going to take place.  I love it!  God is doing some amazing things right now to pave the way for an incredible church.  I get asked a ton of questions about our church, but the most frequently asked is about our name.  I wanted to share some tasty morsels from the study of the name “Awestruck” that I have been teaching my pioneering team over the past few weeks.  If you will allow this to consume you, you too will be on a journey to Awestruck.  You don’t have to come to our church to get there.  This is longer than normal, but I believe it is well worth the time to read it.  You can also read “Was Dorothy Wasting her Time?”. These two go hand in hand.  Thanks.


Awe=Fear mingled with Reverence. (Psalm 33:8) 

To stand in awe means that something or someone brings fear and respect due to an action or a position.  My favorite definition of fear is, “an unpleasant emotion caused by the sense that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat”.  We often think of the sense of Awe and attach it to things that amaze us or confuse us.  We leave out the fear factor. If you stand atop the Grand Canyon and look down you will be filled with Awe.  Inconceivable respect and an overwhelming fear (of hitting the bottom).  When we follow Jesus it will thrust us into a healthy fear of the one who calls himself “I am”.  Unpleasant emotions caused by the sense that He is likely to cause pain or threat to life as we know it.  That is exactly what He is, a threat to our selfish and self-centered ways.  We should fear for our lives, because when we give all that we are to following Jesus we will have to lay down some of our habits and comforts.  We are asked to take up a cross daily to follow Him.  If you have been taught that Following Christ is an easy way to remove all the bad circumstances and remove your burdens, then you have been misled.  Following Jesus is a bed of roses, thorns and all.  When Jesus enters your life, Awe will take over.  You will stand in respectful fear of who He is.  You will be amazed at how much He loves you.  You will gaze in wild wonder at how liberating it can be to fully understand that “greater love has no man than to lay down his life”.  And then reverence is formed out of deep respect and esteem for all that Jesus wants to do in your life.  In Genesis 22, Abraham was asked to sacrifice his own son.  The angel stopped him in the middle of the act, because he was a man “that truly feared God”.  The bible says to “fear not” many times, but we are to stand in awe (fear) of God who removes our fear and doubts about our circumstances and surroundings.  Too many Christians have accepted Jesus for all that He can do for them.  Too often we leave out the side of the equation that Jesus accepted us for all that we should do for Him.  What could happen if you became a person who genuinely feared God?  No mountain is to high and no journey is too long.  Nothing can stop you from doing what God asks you to do.  No question or instruction God gives is too insane.  That is the result of Awe!

Struck=1. Forcibly and deliberately hit  2. To come into contact or collision with

When God steps into our daily life, we never see it coming.  It doesn’t matter if you are seeking Him or running from Him.  When God does something in you, you feel struck.  He has a way of disrupting our lives by colliding His plans into our plans.  There have been moments in my life when God forcibly collided with me and changed the direction of my life.  Understanding that God uses these experiences to teach us to stand in Awe is crucial to growing in Him.  The important question is how will I respond when the God collision takes place?  When He deliberately comes in contact with you, will you make the most of the opportunity or write it off as happenstance?  Often we miss these intersections because we don’t believe God could or would allow or design these events in our life.  Isaiah 29:13 tells of these type of people.  It describes people that say and do the right things, but their hearts are far away from God.  It is easy to be struck by our experiences and traditions, because they bring comfort.  It is the way we have always done it.  It is difficult to respond to God’s collision and totally change direction.  The way we respond when God steps in is a Heart Condition!  It is not all about knowing and doing and saying things about God.  It is all about being and living and responding to God.  We are to use these moments when He collides into our life with His love and guidance to Grow in our deep, reverential fear of Him.

Are you Awestruck in your relationship with Jesus Christ?  Do you accept the mediocre walk with Him, or do you desire to know Him more everyday?  Have you forgotten what it means to be Struck with Awe?

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