Yield to Aircraft

I was buying some water the other day at a convenience store.  I realize that is not the most intriguing intro sentence, but stick with me on this one.  I noticed a sign as I passed by the beer section.  Getting more interesting already?  The sign said “If you are underage, the Soft Drinks are over there” with an arrow pointing to the other coolers.  I could not help but laugh out loud with an embarrassing snort.  I don’t know why it struck so humorous, but I could not restrain my chuckles all the way to the counter.  I commented to the cashier, who did not share in my appreciation of the sign, and left the store laughing.  Ever since that moment I have been reflecting on the use of signs in our world.  Oddly enough, the song “Signs” came on the radio on the way home.  I can’t make stuff like that up!  My daughter gives me signs by pointing in the direction of what she wants me to get for her.  It is usually accompanied by “Apple Juice” or “That, I want it”.  My son gives us obvious signs whenever he has to go potty.  Road signs are posted to tell us how fast we should go and where to turn. (A.D.H.D. moment: I often pray to see lots of green lights and no blues before I embark on a drive.  Just thought I’d throw that in.)  Some signs state the obvious and others inform us of what we might not have known.  I still get nervous every time I see a wrong way sign posted in the middle of the road.  I pause to ask myself if they are talking to me.  Restaurants provide signs to tell us when they are open, what specials they are offering, where to order and where the restrooms are located.  The most beautiful sign in the world is the “Hot Doughnuts Now” at Krispy Kreme. About a year ago I was flying out of the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport.  As we rolled back from the gate I was privileged to read the most obvious sign in the history of signs.  Painted in Bright Yellow letters were the words “All Vehicles Must Yield to Aircrafts”!  Duh!  The sad part is that some poor oblivious individual probably assumed themselves to have the right away at some point, and they had to make a sign to prevent it from happening again. 

As we walk through our life there will be signs to keep us in the right direction.  I believe that God is constantly providing us with insight and wisdom to illuminate the right path.  His internal map is better than any GPS that can be purchased at your local electronics store.  Too often we miss it due to our busyness and distractions.  God has provided us with His word and His wisdom so we can become all that He created us to be.  He has also promised us that the closer we grow to Him, the more He will reveal.  The signs are there, but it is our choice to observe them.  Some will be as unmistakable as “Yield to Aircraft” and others as unnoticeable as the small print that reads “Return for store credit only”, but each sign offers equally beneficial direction.  One thing God will never do is force you to believe or behave!  That is  your part of the deal.   

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