When did we get a Horse?

On Sunday my son went to church with my wife’s parents for a special Nativity activity.  They had live animals and everything!  When I returned home I saw a large black trash bag sitting in our driveway.  My assumption was that my wife had cleaned out her car, but it would take more than one of those bags.  I went inside and was greeted with “Hay”, not “Hey” as in how ya doing, but “Hay”.  Shannon asked me if I saw the bag that she had to bring home.  I reluctantly inquired about this mystery bag and its contents.  Again she just said, “Hay”.  You see, the bag was full of hay.  My son told everyone that he had a horse at home.  It is bad enough that he told them.  It is even worse that they believed him!  They sent home a bag of hay for his horse.  We have a bunch of really cool stuff at our house, but we do not have a horse.  We have never had a horse, and we are not planning on getting a horse.  Our dog is enough responsibility for us.  I asked Micah about the location of this horse and he just pointed to the corner of the bedroom and said, “Right there, don’t you see him?”.  My kids have great imaginations.  I must admit they got it honest.  I love to play dress up and pretend with them.  Halloween is one of my favorite times of years because you can do it and not get strange looks.  When my wife and I go out on special dates we always get dressed up to look more important than we really are.  My son can instantly transform himself into a cowboy, a fireman, a police officer, a rock star, a pirate, or Bob the Builder with a simple change of outfit.  I love to watch his creativity in action.Unfortunately as we grow up we never stop pretending to be someone we are not.  People buy cars, homes and clothing to become somebody.  Most people are walking around with secret identities that have no resemblance to their true person.  We wear happy masks to cover our pain and we disguise how we feel to fit in.  We can tell a lie so many times that eventually we start to believe our own story.  The question to ask is “who am I?” and then strip away all the layers of “costumes” to find a true answer.  If you don’t stop telling people you have a horse, eventually you will end up with a big bag of hay.  

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