I’m Going No Where!

This summer I began running, swimming and biking to get back in shape and train for my triathlon.   (I will talk about how I did a triathlon until I no longer have a voice.  My brother says it will be our claim to fame when we are sitting in the nursing home.) Ever since I got married and had kids the only exercise I participated in was changing diapers and chasing toddlers.  I discovered that round is a shape, but not the shape I liked to see in the mirror!  I enjoy exercise and was really loving my time to reflect while being out by myself.  I felt healthy and strong again.  Then something happened a few months ago to derail my training routine.  I don’t feel old, but apparently my body is not in touch with my feelings.  I bruised my foot stepping on second base in a softball game.  All I did was step on the base?  I am starting to sound like my Dad.  I could not run or bike because it hurt so bad.  As a result of my major injury from minor circumstances, I am now using an elliptical machine.  I am not a big fan of this machine which resembles a mid evil torture device used to punish innocent victims.  Two or three times a week I mount this awkward contraption for 45 minutes.  I don’t look forward to it, but I see it as a necessary activity in my life.

The problem I have with the Elliptical is no matter how hard I work or how much sweat I pour, I don’t go anywhere!  Regardless of how far the digital red screen indicates, I have not moved one inch.  I am still in the same place I started 45 prior.  I churn and burn while watching some really bad morning talk shows only to remain in the same location.  I am running in place!  How boring.

A friend of mine once told me to always be genuine with what I do.  He said is better to be Genuine and bad than fake and good.  When we fake it, we spin our wheels and never move forward as a person.  In the Bible, Paul compared living for Jesus to a race.  He said we need to train ourselves to the things we SHOULD do, like an athlete like an athletes train there bodies to Win.  He also said to not be like a boxer who simply punches into the air.  What is the use of training if we never enter the ring or approach the starting line.  At some point we must move forward and get in the game.  Too often I hear people complain about what is wrong with their life and I never see them doing anything about it.  I hear people talk about growing closer to God, but never taking any steps to make that happen.  The worst is when I hear someone talk about loving God, yet you can’t spot anything in their life that proves it.  The time is now to stop running in place and accomplishing nothing.  It is time to move forward.  Today would be a great day to begin doing all the things you talk about and dream about.  There is no greater day than today. Today is the day God wants to do something Huge in your life.  Just go do it and allow God to blow your mind!  

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