3 Old Ladies @ Target

On Friday morning I discovered why the day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday.  My wife tried to convince me to begin our day at 1 am when all the bargain obsessed, perfect gift hunting, “look how much I saved” scavengers flocked to the mall like blood hungry vultures surrounding their prey.  I gently persuaded her to let me sleep by promising I would wake up early and begin the day before Jesus wakes up.  We decided to go to Target at 5:30.  She was up and showered by 4 am!  She loves this stuff.  I laid in the bed until the last minute and thought of a multitude of excuses why I couldn’t accompany her on this shopping nightmare.  None of them panned out in my head, so I reluctantly left the comfort of my warm bed to begin the day.

We arrived at Target to discover a line that wrapped around the side of the building, into the parking lot, and back up towards the front of the store.  To say I was in shock would be an understatement.  Even more disgusting was the line around the Best Buy which had already been open for 30 minutes!  The “lady” in the front of our line had been there since 10 pm on Thursday night.  She spent the night at Target!!!  What in the world is the matter with people?  This poor “lady” chose to sleep on cold concrete to save $5 on Tickle me Elmo.   Once inside the store we were greeted by a log jam of shopping carts and disgruntled shoppers.  I almost got taken out by 3 old ladies who were weaving through the aisles in search of their precious bargains.  We barely found what we needed and saved our money with all our limbs attached.  I am not a violent man, but this experience truly brought all of my anger and rage to the surface.  After all the fun and games at Target, we headed over to Walmart for more insanity.  We took a much needed retreat for breakfast, then it was off to Belk and Dillards.  I was wiped out to say the least.  I went home for some rest and my wife set out for an afternoon at Toys R Us and the Mall.  She is just as insane as the rest of them.

I truly discovered why they call it Black Friday.  Black is the absence of light.  It represents all things evil and sinful.  Death, pain, and depression.  That kind of sums up my day.   

In the midst of all this crazy, consumer driven season too many people have forgotten why we celebrate.  It is all about Jesus!  They are not “Holiday Trees”, or “Holiday Carols”, or “Family Trees”.  This is Christmas, the time of year we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  This a time we should be more concerned about the time we spend with our families, not how great the gifts we give our families.  This should be the time of year we sit back and enjoy all that Jesus has done for us, not running around like headless chickens to exchange useless trinkets that will be forgotten before January ends.  Stop for a minute and evaluate what Christmas means to you. What will fill your time over the next month?  How will you celebrate the birth of Jesus? 

  1. “I truly discovered why they call it Black Friday. Black is the absence of light. It represents all things evil and sinful. Death, pain, and depression. That kind of sums up my day.”

    I LOVED THIS!!!!! Hahaha! Happy shopping to all of those who love “BLACK and ‘BLUE'” Friday. Not for me…

  1. November 28th, 2008

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