Clicking Myself to Sleep

Tonight I will sleep in my own bed!  I have been on the couch for the last few nights.  Ohhhhh, I know what you are thinking, but you are so wrong.  I chose to sleep there! One of my precious children relocated my most essential sleep agents a few days ago.  By relocated, I mean dropped it into the deep hole of the land of “gone forever”.  Never to be recovered.  The same place that random socks disappear to through the secret hole in the dryer. No man will ever know the source of this great mystery, but one things for sure, once an item arrives there it is never coming back.  My poor, poor TV Clicker.  I must admit that my heart was saddened and it has taken a few days to bounce back from my loss.  I cannot go to sleep without the television on and I cannot watch television without changing channels at a pace that could could send the average person into a seizure.  You must understand, it is not the content of the programming, but the distraction it provides me.  

Before you begin to mourn with me and become saddened by my separation let me share with you the glorious news.  God used my wife and Walmart to pour out blessing into my life tonight.  I have a new Clicker.  It is a generic and unimpressive replica of the real thing, and nothing will ever take the place of the original that I had grown so fond of.  We shared many great nights of WWE Raw and other Spiritual shows.  But, I will be sleeping on my Tempur Pedic mattress tonight so I think I can move on.  I look forward to many great adventures with my new Clicker.  


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