I’m no Picasso

My A.D.H.D random intro: I am sitting in Starbucks drinking coffee.  This is my break from the “work” I have been doing the last hour or so while drinking my coffee.  Just coffee this time, nothing too fancy or overpriced.  Well, the cost for Wi-Fi is insane, but it is worth it to be able to “work” without the kids screaming and jumping on my back to ride. Yes, I will pay $6 an hour to not have to tell Adyson, “No Touch!” every few minutes.  One question, where are all the plugs to charge my battery?  I am praying my battery does not die since it is holding on for dear life right now.

The real content:   I finished painting a new picture last night around midnight.  I love it.  It is very abstract, and just kind of a bunch of colors thrown together.  When it was completed, however, it actually took shape looks pretty amazing.  I started with a layer of black to cover the canvas I used.  I then scraped out the shape of some guitars with very thick black paint.  Then I filled in the lines with lots of bright colors, only to cover them over with yellow, red, turquoise, and blue geometrical shapes.  I then scraped away the paint to reveal the shape and colors of the guitars.  The texture and contrast are something you have to look closely to recognize, but it helps to make the picture complete.

Everyone of us is put together just like that.  Every moment and experience in our life is another layer that moves us closer to becoming a work of art.  God called us His Masterpiece!  He is constantly working on us.  Both the enjoyable and the uncomfortable in life form us into who God created us to be.  Sometimes it is necessary to scrape away in order for our true self to shine through.  My son has a new book called, “He’s Still Working on Me”.  The secret to being fulfilled in life is knowing that God is always sculpting and crafting us.  He never stops working.  Enjoy the “layers” and live through the “scraping”.  God truly has something remarkable in store for you!

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