Who was Jesus?

If you would allow me, I want to digress from my usual nonsense and pontificate in a more serious manner.  (I am aware that pontificate means to be viewed as annoyingly arrogant and I’m ok with that…haha)  I promise this is a small detour from the norm and we shall return shortly to our regularly scheduled program.  (I apologize in advance for sounding a little too much like a preacher.)

I have been reading many diverse blogs lately.  It seems that an alarmingly large group of people have a distorted view of Jesus.  I believe Jesus is the son of God born to this earth by a virgin.  I do believe it was an awkward way to make an entrance, but His ways are not my ways. I believe He was not only a good man and great philosopher, but He was the son of God.  He lived a sinless life and died a brutal death.  Three days later he rose from the dead and went back to Heaven where He rules now. 

With that said I want to share my insight on how I view Jesus.  All of my knowledge is based on scripture, which I believe is God’s word to us.  Yes, it was written by man!  The amazing thing is that it was written by many different authors at different times in different places, and they all wrote the same thing!  We have more original transcripts, all discovered within 100 years of the time the events occurred, than any of the historical recordings that are taught in High Schools. How sad that we live in a world that wants to discredit the Bible and mindlessly accepts other works as truth despite the historical evidence.  

First, Jesus was all about Love.  He not only spoke of loving each other, but He lived out the greatest example of true love the world has ever seen.  He was a friend to the friendless and reached out to ones that were forgotten.  He was not here to start a war?  I don’t know where people have found this in the Bible, but if you know then please let me know. 

Second, Jesus came to include everyone.  Christianity is not about exclusion.  Jesus died so thatAll could know Him and None would be separated from Him.  The only way to remove yourself from what He offers is to reject it.  People often feel that Christians are cruel and bigoted about social issues.  The fact is that what has become the social norm stands in staunch contrast to God’s word.  When we make choices to please ourselves, we are not thinking of anyone but ourself.  Jesus was all about the big picture and the protection of His people.  He came to offer us life that is overflowing, more than we can handle.  When we choose other methods we are short changing ourselves from what God has to offer.  When people reject His ways they also reject His eternity.  It is our choice.

Finally, Jesus was a rebel.  I will agree with people on this issue.  Religion had taken over and man’s interpretation was dominant.  Jesus came as the new teacher with a way of getting under the church leader’s skin.  I love this about Jesus.  He came to break it down to the simplest form and remove all the tradition that had been created.  He was uncivilized.  His followers, a bunch of teenagers rejected by other rabbis, were uncivilized.  His teachings were uncivilized.  According to the organized religious system, He was rebel!  What made Jesus so unacceptable to all the leaders was that He removed the fluff and asked people do one thing…Believe in Him.  When we truly believe in something it will change our behavior.  I truly believe that I want to be a great husband and father.  Because of this I act accordingly.  I do whatever it takes to grow in my relationship with my wife and I avoid the behaviors that could hinder that.  It is really that simple.

One thing I have learned in my short lifetime is that we don’t have to understand every detail to believe in something.  If that were possible, there would be no need for faith.  Without Faith it is impossible to please God!!!

Everyone is looking for something spiritual in life.  Even atheists believe in the power of Humanity.  We are all looking for the key to unlock the secret to our universe.  Many different opinions have been provided since the beginning of time.  As for me, I will choose to follow the answer that has stood all the tests and trials.  The answer that is accurate historically and presently.  I will choose to live for the One that gives me purpose and hope.  I will choose Jesus! I’m finished…but I’m probably not done! 

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