The Journey to Awestruck

Once you place a title on something it begins to take on the characteristics and stereotypes of its name.  A great deal of caution has been put into what we call ourselves since we are in the middle of defining who we are.  I prefer to identify our adventure as Awestruck.  This simply clarifies our destination, rather than positioning us in one place.  I believe with all my heart that we are on a journey into Awestruck and we are inviting others join us, not arriving in Awestruck and asking others to come where we are.  Our name is not so much who we are as much as who we desire to be!  Perhaps this is awkward to process, but grasping this truth is the key to success in what God has purposed in my heart.

As a team we are in the process of removing ourselves from the tradition and past experiences that might limit what our church could be.  Remember this, no matter how “non traditional” or trendy a church is, it is still just church to an unconnected person.  We desire to saturate our community with truth and love.  We are asking the hard questions that most are afraid to entertain, because the answers are frightening.  The answers could drive us to dispute the very beliefs that we hold so dear to our hearts.  We might have to concede that there are possibilities other than the ways that makes us comfortable! This is what shapes our journey into Awestruck! Creating a Genuine Community that is encountering Christ in a refreshing and life changing way by all means necessary.  What a great Adventure.  We are allowing the who to determine the how.

I am loving this life long excursion of falling in love with Jesus and discovering who He has called me to be.  All of us are on the journey to Awestruck.  You do not need to be part of our “church” to join me.  It is the understanding that we can never fully comprehend who God is, but everyday is an opportunity to know Him more.  Every moment of everyday, small glimpses of His expansive love shine through.  It is up to us seek out and find what He wants to show us.  God is at work all around us and we simply need to open our heart and focus our vision to see what He is up to.  That is why “Awestruck” is not only the name of our church, it is the purpose for our adventure.

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