Little Debbie is the Devil’s Sister

As a married man I struggle with many issues, but one becomes more prevalent around the Holidays.  Most of us married guys have all fallen into the same trap and we spend the rest of our lives crawling out of it.  Often we make great progress to free ourselves only to give in to temptation and regress due to our weakness!  This nearly inescapable snare I speak of has taken down many great men and seeks to conquer even the strongest will. I am talking about getting Fat!  When we consume more calories than we burn and our bodies respond by not letting your pants fit anymore.  I have always been a big guy.  Every where I go people that don’t know me refer to me as “big guy”.  When I was younger people tried to be nice by saying “Husky”.  (we even had our brand of jeans at Sears)  What a great identity!  I love to work out and get strong, but sometimes I just love eating the calories more than I love exercising them away.

My greatest weakness at this time of year is Little Debbie Christmas Cakes.  Oh, curse you Little Debbie!  You and your cakes will be the demise of all the work and time it took to get in shape this year.  Because of you I will no longer be called “big man” (or “husky”) and take it as a compliment.  You are the one I blame for all of this.  I hope you and all your little Keebler Elf friends get nothing that you ask for from Santa!!!  All the while you sit with your sinister grin and watch me from the pantry and enjoy every moment of my venture into Chubbiness.  Could Little Debbie be the sister of Satan?

Or could there be another reason for my gaining weight and eating all those Christmas Tree Cakes?  I ponder this after eating half a box of them last night.  Could it be that I chose to eat them without Little Debbie having any part of my decision?  You have to understand that every choice in life has a consequence.  No matter if it is good, bad, tragic, or exhilarating.  A good friend of mine told me recently that his wife was pregnant and then said, “We don’t know how this happened”.  Uhhhh, do I really have to explain?  Sir Issac Newton stated this as a fundamental Law.  Every action will have an equal and opposite reaction.  This applies to everything we do in life.  We really have no one to blame but ourselves.  I know the devil tempts us, but he doesn’t make us do it anymore than Little Debbie makes me eat her Cakes.  I wish I could blame her, but it is not her fault.  God does not make us do things in life.  God simply lets us know that for every choice we make there will be a consequence and allows us to decide our path.  We have the choice of Life or Death.  I believe this makes Him a fair and loving God.  He is not some great power in the sky waiting to punish every evil deed.  He is our Father who wants us to have a relationship with Him and choose His ways so He can bless us.  The greatest thing about God is that He forgives us and allows us to continue on our journey with Him no matter how many or how big the mistakes.  Remember that you have the power to make your own choices, and your choices in life will determine your outcome.  As for me, I am going to eat a Little Debbie Christmas Cake for breakfast….hahahahahahaha!

  1. November 12th, 2008

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