The Worst Chore Ever!!!

No catchy titles, no deep theological meanings, and nothing too spiritual this time. Just the fact that I don’t like to wash dishes.  That’s it.  I had to wash them today, and I did not like it.  I must admit that I still wash and dry them by hand because I don’t really know how to use our dishwasher.  My wife does all the dishes!!!  Before you go all women’s lib on me and start to burn your bra, there are some things you should know.  I do know how to use a vacuum cleaner, scrub toilets, dust, wash clothes, take the trash out, and mow the grass.  Not only do I know how, but I enjoy most of those tasks.  We have a deal at our house, Shannon washes dishes and I do everything else.  I like that deal.  I came up with that deal so I would not have to wash dishes.  But, today I had to wash dishes!!!  Did I mention that I don’t like to wash dishes?

I also don’t like when a waitress fills my tea glass with mostly ice.  I don’t like people that realize they need to turn right and hold up everyone in the left lane until they can get over.  Just go up and turn around and quit making me have to wait on you.  I don’t like going to the bathroom in public restrooms…eeewwwww gross!  I don’t like when my hands are dirty or sticky.  The worst is when they get that way in public and then I have to touch the sink in a public restroom…even grosser!  I don’t like…let me stop there.  This all started because I had to wash dishes today.  


I feel better now that I have vented and you probably feel worse because you are thinking of all the things you don’t like.  I don’t feel bad, because I had to wash dishes today.  Guess what, I don’t really enjoy the chore of scrubbing used utensils, cups, and plates that have been near someone else’s mouth.  Ugh, I am going to wash my hands again.

    • Beth
    • March 4th, 2008

    Amen, Josh. Amen.

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