Was Dorothy Wasting her Time?

When was the last time you were truly impressed?  The last time you experienced something in your life that made you say, “wow”?  Everyday at our house we experience these amazing moments.  It is often over the small things that I would normally consider ordinary and routine.  Somehow, through the eyes of my children, the small details in our daily life become moments of celebration.  Events like turning the dishwasher on and off.  Flushing the toilet. (and learning what is too big to fit down the hole)  Getting food from the plate to your mouth while using a fork.  Getting your own drink out of the refrigerator. Discovering the dog is too big to fit in the microwave.  

The older we get and the more we experience, causes us to overlook the simple.  As we mature we are conditioned to not get excited and control ourselves.  In an effort to fit in and become “normal”, we conform our behavior to look and act more like the people that we spend time with. Somewhere in between childhood and adulthood we lose our sense of mystery and wonder.  Our inner desires to explore, question and be amazed are compressed behind the demands and disappointments of the real world.  We can all sympathize with Dorothy, because we have all followed at least one yellow brick road only to find a lame excuse for a wizard behind a curtain. The curtain is always more desirable than what we find behind it.  We begin to wonder if anything is really as good as it is advertised to be!

In our new church plant we are on a Journey to Awestruck.  The state of Awestruck is to Be Amazed, At a Loss for Words, Filled with Wonder, Reverential, Fearful.  Is there anything in your life that makes you Awestruck?  Don’t you miss the ability to be amazed and to stand in wild wonder at what is occurring on a daily basis.  We are dreaming huge dreams, proceeding with tremendous hope, and standing Awestruck at what God has called us to.  We also can’t wait to tell the stories of all the miraculous events that God Used to do amazing things with our church.  For many years to come, we plan on being Awestruck in His presence.


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